Friday, August 27, 2010

On saying I love you

Can you imagine someone you love is looking into your eyes, and then touched your lips commanding your undivided attention? Then he or she will whisper to your ears the words “I love you”. This is being sweet and romantic in its simplest form yet doing it at the right moment can really prove effective on showing your affection.

The one I just talked about is very romantic. But can you imagine someone, telling you these same words right after your first date? That definitely goes to my top 3 list of spoiled first dates. If you are a guy never do that or you'll blow any chances you have with that girl. I mean, don’t look so desperate for love. Remember; don’t act like a Ted Mosby who almost had a shot at Robin (if you remember that blue horn episode of HIMYM). The girls might even freak out or worse is to be the girls’ pillow party subject of ridicule. You definitely don’t want to be called the douche-arrogant looking-stupid-insane-mad man.

Also, don’t ever say I-love-you if you are not ready for commitments. You might actually don’t mean it that way but there are some girls who might interpret it as “Babe it’s time to take this relationship to another level”. Oh yes, girls might have that tendency of putting a lot of meanings to what guys tells them. But to simply avoid any misunderstanding, just don’t say those words yet. Otherwise, you might just realize that you are already caught in a messy situation. That is the time when girls start to demand from you. And if you are not ready to get stocked into the pickle minded world better zip those words back to your ass.

On weird occasions, there are guys who are so madly in love with a girl for a long time and one day, he just can’t hold it anymore and tell the girl - I love you. Could there be any more stupid than this person? That girl is probably not just in shock but already in state of fear if you are - like a total stranger to her. So for guys who are fantasizing girls for a long time, then develop some feeling, GET HOLD OF YOURSELF. You might need to see some counseling or at least you can make circumstances where you can tell her "i love you" in a not so suspicious and non psychotic way.

Now let us get to the interesting part; there are guys who have developed some feeling for a girl unintentionally. Unfortunately that girl is his friend. So what should be my take on this matter? Number one rule is never say I love you all of a sudden. That will definitely make your friendship already impossible! Trust me, nothing goes back to normal when a friend admits he or she is in love with his or her friend! (I shall talk about this more in my future posts).

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