Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Friday nights with party lights and happy sights

Working… Studying… And even Bumming can prove to be really stressful. We spent five days of awesomeness and at the end of it; we look forward for a single night of complete fun and spontaneity. It is a night to fill in with great stories and bitch slapping of our nemesis. Friday nights is the time of the week that we let those worries be washed away by a bottle of tequila and vodka.

Living in Metropolis makes all these things possible. A lot of places we could choose from. You can do bar hopping. You can watch at comedy bars. You can seat by the bay drinking with your friends. You can try playing laser tags. You can go to your friends place and drink all night. You can also have a DVD marathon with popcorn and nachos to match that keg. And you can sing the night away in a videoke marathon.

There are 3 important elements that we should not forget about this night. Number 1 is to always have your friends with you. These nights will never be the same without them. They could be your High School or College barkada. They can be also your office barkada. Or may be some random group you just bumped in and decided to go along. Your friends can be your wingman as well. This is the night when you just don’t care at all and so your wingman just won’t let you down on making sure that this night will end with a BANG! You also need your friend to bring you home when you get so drunk. You need your friends to dance with you in the dance floor. But most importantly, you need your friends because their presence and stories are like sources of energy that will make you feel strong again to face a fierce 5 days battle at work/ school.

Number 2 is to make sure that your attention is not divided. Focus! These are not any usual nights that you should be reading or working. Worrying won’t do any better for you and your friends. If you decided to go out and have fun, then don’t feel bothered. You should give yourself a guilt free pass to enjoy the night. If you keep mentioning things that are non-related to boys/girls, beers, sex (oh well) and partying, better zip it! That might just ruin the night of others.

Number 3 is never run out of those Mixes that complete that fun night. What makes things so spontaneous is the fact that we are not sober. That chemical just makes our night feels like there is no tomorrow. It allows us to feel confident. It allows us to talk more. It simply takes away your inhibitions that allow you to have the real fun and satisfaction that your body is looking for.

Here are some mixes that a friend of mine thought me to complete that night:
Bad boy-tanduay white tska four seasons
Bad trip-sprite, gatorade, gsm blue
Sprite vodka-vodka (toska/cosak/absolut),sprite,cherry
Rum coke-coke, rum(tanduay/granma)
The bar mix- the bar, nestea fit apple

Just remember that body works hard enough and so it needs a day, JUST a day, to feel rewarded. CHEERS FOR THOSE FUN NIGHTS AND SOON TO COME EPIC NIGHTS!

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