Saturday, May 28, 2011

Part 3: The recoil

It is past 7pm when I arrive at the Apartment. I enter the building with so many things going in my head. Who is she? What is her name? Will she remember me? These questions reverberate until I reach the 4th floor. And then I saw my neighbour smiling at me and appear to be saying something. Well, I never really paid much attention to it. I guess he is just asking how my day went. To be frank, I want to reply with a big grin in my face. On the other hand, since I’m trying to be nice, I just smiled back at him but did not say anything to avoid a prolonged conversation.

I search for my keys to open the door of my unit. As I open the door, my room is pretty much the same. It is dark, almost pitch black. It is bare, for I prefer to have a big space and less furniture. Despite the almost barrenness of my place, I make sure that it is clean.

I turn-on the lights and proceed to the kitchenette. I open the refrigerator and scavenge for whatever leftover I had from the pizza I ordered last night. I also took a beer can just to booze off all the questions I had in mind.

After eating I undress and headed to the shower for a hot bath. I opened the shower and just feel the pressure and warmth of the hot water. I closed my eyes and then think of my random encounter with my crush. I just can’t help it. Her beautiful face sticks to my mind.

It is past 10pm already and I am still thinking of her. I wonder if she thinks of me too or at least wonder what my name is. So I decided to get off the bed took my Marlboro and headed towards the ground floor.

I took my first stick while observing my surrounding. As I consume my first stick of the night, I watched this building construction at the other side of the street. They are just welding the metal framework of the building.

After finishing my first stick I decided to take a second stick. Just as I am lighting up my cigarette, I saw a vintage Mercedes struggling to park in-front of the building. The driver seems to be not in tune with the car. He struggled and often gets his engine cut off when trying to stir the wheel to the other side. Finally, after many minutes the driver parked the car and I finished my second stick. I decided that it is time to sleep already.

I went back to my room, locked the door, placed a timer in the air-con, and took off my pants. As I lay on my bed, I finally rest my case on her. It is just something random, coincidental, and I just have to sleep this shit over.

Part 2: Random Encounter

As I faced towards her direction, I noticed that she cut her hair. She looks quite different; nevertheless, she is still stunning. At that moment I immediately offer her the seat, hoping that the little incident would be forgotten.

It was really awkward for both of us. I wanted to open my mouth just to start a conversation. But my throat feels so dry and I can barely mumble a word. My hands are sweating and apparently my face is turning slightly reddish. Oh my holy shit, I am blushing- I told myself. Indeed I am.

I finally made up my mind; I will be the one to start a conversation. So I took a sip of my coffee to quench the dryness of my mouth and throat. Darn! That was hot! I almost forgot that I like to drink my coffee when it is no longer hot.

But at the moment I am opening my mouth she just took the lead and asked me, So what were you thinking? You seem so preoccupied with something.

I then responded that Nothing… I am just killing some time before going back to the apartment.

I wanted to throw her a couple of questions too, but she just keeps asking me random questions. I don’t know if she is just bored that is why she is doing this or is just plain talkative. But then I don’t care if she keeps talking since I am spellbound by her beauty.

The conversation that started out of nothing seems to be getting longer. Her stories of herself were really fascinating. I find everything about her adorable. She basically talked about all the random experiences she had. And all I can say to myself is, just keep talking keep telling me weird stories.

But as we slowly getting comfortable, someone just barged in. Her friend just came to pick her to go see a movie. She hurriedly picked up her things and then she said goodbye.

And in just a matter of seconds I can no longer see her. She is gone and we never get to exchange numbers, worse is we haven’t formally introduced ourselves. Yes, we talked for almost an hour yet we never care to ask what our names are.

So I thought to myself, probably another random encounter of the day. So deeply disappointed, I just left the café and headed straight back to the apartment.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Part 1: The Cafe

It was an exhausting day; another manic Monday rush. It was one of those days of the week that we wish we never have to go through. But alas! It is almost over.

Tic-tac... Tic-tac... I am literally counting every second until it reach 5pm. The minutes that passed by seems longer than the usual. And I anxiously and irritably waited.

My eyes are glued at the clock. But then, I gather my thoughts again and try to check my bag if I forgotten any of my things. I pulled each drawer to make sure nothing is left. I pile each folder and paper neatly on my desk. It was more like a habit- to make everything look organized.

Finally, it is time to go home. I made my final inspection on my desk just like a detective looking for any signs on the chaos that transpired early that day. As usual, I bade my colleagues the usual cliché. Goodbye. See you tomorrow. Take Care. But it depends. If I’m in a mood and chatty, I’d probably say something else like Ohh… You got a really nice tie, Ohh… Nice Bag, Where are you heading… But today is not that day to chat while taking the lift to the ground floor.

As soon as the lift reached the ground floor and opened its doors, I rushed towards the exit. Then, as I jumped outside, I stood still trying to remember where I am heading at. I am clueless. Why am I really on a hurry? So I just decided to go with where the majority is headed for.

Then I saw this coffee shop while crossing the street. So I think, maybe I need to take some caffeine into my system before heading somewhere I am really not sure of. I entered the Café. I ordered the usual Brewed coffee and a cinnamon. I sat by the window watching the rushing pedestrians running for the buses at the pick-up points.

Every time I drink coffee, it is as if I went to a Trans. There is as if a barrier that is covering me and leave me deep into my thought while staring blankly at the walkway. But, this day someone dared enter my sacred moment alone. At first I don’t really paid much attention. Then the soft whisper turned to a bitter slightly hard toned question. Mister, is this sit taken?!

Obviously both of us are pissed off; I stopped my fascination of the rushing hordes and turned my head towards the direction of what is ruining my afternoon siesta. We met face-to-face probably both making a forced smile. And to my surprise, she is the girl I used to take the elevator with. She is the girl from the 25th floor that I had a crush. And I thought to myself, this day is beginning to shape to something interesting.