Friday, August 27, 2010

On saying I love you

Can you imagine someone you love is looking into your eyes, and then touched your lips commanding your undivided attention? Then he or she will whisper to your ears the words “I love you”. This is being sweet and romantic in its simplest form yet doing it at the right moment can really prove effective on showing your affection.

The one I just talked about is very romantic. But can you imagine someone, telling you these same words right after your first date? That definitely goes to my top 3 list of spoiled first dates. If you are a guy never do that or you'll blow any chances you have with that girl. I mean, don’t look so desperate for love. Remember; don’t act like a Ted Mosby who almost had a shot at Robin (if you remember that blue horn episode of HIMYM). The girls might even freak out or worse is to be the girls’ pillow party subject of ridicule. You definitely don’t want to be called the douche-arrogant looking-stupid-insane-mad man.

Also, don’t ever say I-love-you if you are not ready for commitments. You might actually don’t mean it that way but there are some girls who might interpret it as “Babe it’s time to take this relationship to another level”. Oh yes, girls might have that tendency of putting a lot of meanings to what guys tells them. But to simply avoid any misunderstanding, just don’t say those words yet. Otherwise, you might just realize that you are already caught in a messy situation. That is the time when girls start to demand from you. And if you are not ready to get stocked into the pickle minded world better zip those words back to your ass.

On weird occasions, there are guys who are so madly in love with a girl for a long time and one day, he just can’t hold it anymore and tell the girl - I love you. Could there be any more stupid than this person? That girl is probably not just in shock but already in state of fear if you are - like a total stranger to her. So for guys who are fantasizing girls for a long time, then develop some feeling, GET HOLD OF YOURSELF. You might need to see some counseling or at least you can make circumstances where you can tell her "i love you" in a not so suspicious and non psychotic way.

Now let us get to the interesting part; there are guys who have developed some feeling for a girl unintentionally. Unfortunately that girl is his friend. So what should be my take on this matter? Number one rule is never say I love you all of a sudden. That will definitely make your friendship already impossible! Trust me, nothing goes back to normal when a friend admits he or she is in love with his or her friend! (I shall talk about this more in my future posts).

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Friday nights with party lights and happy sights

Working… Studying… And even Bumming can prove to be really stressful. We spent five days of awesomeness and at the end of it; we look forward for a single night of complete fun and spontaneity. It is a night to fill in with great stories and bitch slapping of our nemesis. Friday nights is the time of the week that we let those worries be washed away by a bottle of tequila and vodka.

Living in Metropolis makes all these things possible. A lot of places we could choose from. You can do bar hopping. You can watch at comedy bars. You can seat by the bay drinking with your friends. You can try playing laser tags. You can go to your friends place and drink all night. You can also have a DVD marathon with popcorn and nachos to match that keg. And you can sing the night away in a videoke marathon.

There are 3 important elements that we should not forget about this night. Number 1 is to always have your friends with you. These nights will never be the same without them. They could be your High School or College barkada. They can be also your office barkada. Or may be some random group you just bumped in and decided to go along. Your friends can be your wingman as well. This is the night when you just don’t care at all and so your wingman just won’t let you down on making sure that this night will end with a BANG! You also need your friend to bring you home when you get so drunk. You need your friends to dance with you in the dance floor. But most importantly, you need your friends because their presence and stories are like sources of energy that will make you feel strong again to face a fierce 5 days battle at work/ school.

Number 2 is to make sure that your attention is not divided. Focus! These are not any usual nights that you should be reading or working. Worrying won’t do any better for you and your friends. If you decided to go out and have fun, then don’t feel bothered. You should give yourself a guilt free pass to enjoy the night. If you keep mentioning things that are non-related to boys/girls, beers, sex (oh well) and partying, better zip it! That might just ruin the night of others.

Number 3 is never run out of those Mixes that complete that fun night. What makes things so spontaneous is the fact that we are not sober. That chemical just makes our night feels like there is no tomorrow. It allows us to feel confident. It allows us to talk more. It simply takes away your inhibitions that allow you to have the real fun and satisfaction that your body is looking for.

Here are some mixes that a friend of mine thought me to complete that night:
Bad boy-tanduay white tska four seasons
Bad trip-sprite, gatorade, gsm blue
Sprite vodka-vodka (toska/cosak/absolut),sprite,cherry
Rum coke-coke, rum(tanduay/granma)
The bar mix- the bar, nestea fit apple

Just remember that body works hard enough and so it needs a day, JUST a day, to feel rewarded. CHEERS FOR THOSE FUN NIGHTS AND SOON TO COME EPIC NIGHTS!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Investing in Love

We are always in constant search for someone to love and hoping that if we find it, our affection gets reciprocated. Most often than not, we give almost everything from our time to our rationality when we fell in love. We get blinded by the euphoric feeling of love that made us vulnerable. At times, when our feelings are not commensurately reciprocated, we tend to feel the lack of self worth and a lot of self pity. And when things get from bad to worse and reach the tipping point, we snap. We then drown ourselves to too much crying and drinking.

This is a classic example of investing your time and emotion to an overrated concept of loving. You weren’t wise enough to think of the different possibilities of engaging to an investment that may or may not give you the worth of what you have invested such as time and feelings. Some will say, when you love someone, you are willing to give everything without expecting anything in return. I guess these are the people we all call as “saints”. I guess not every one of us will fall to that kind of love. And so, we shall differ ourselves from a martyrdom love to a romantic love.

Let’s try to walk ourselves through the process of love investment rudimentarily. First step before getting to a relationship is to know your worth. This is like knowing how much money you currently have. Second step is, after knowing your value you should know how much of your personal space and time are you willing to give up for your partner. This is like knowing the proportion of your current wealth you are willing to put into investment. Third step is to learn your risk aversion (I’ll probably devote another post on tackling risk aversion). This is the time when you ask yourself whether you are a risk seeker, a risk averse, and a risk neutral. This is where most people commit mistakes. They mischaracterize themselves because they no longer care who they are for the sake of their partner. In investment you have to learn this to know where to put your investment. If you are a risk averse person, you wouldn’t put your money into a stock that is volatile and register extremes in prices. In retrospect, if you are a risk averse person you should not get into relationship without clarity. You wouldn’t get into a relationship where there are too many complications like third party or unrequited past relationships.

Now, it is funny though that in investment the higher the risk on your stock the higher the returns could be (Generally speaking). This is the reason why a lot of people in Finance stumble because they automatically look at the returns and totally forgetting about the risks involved. In simple terms, if you are to go into a relationship, how much are you willing to forego just to be with the man/woman of your dream? Will it be at the expense of your friends? Will it be at the expense of your family? Will it be at the expense of your career? Being realistic, you wouldn’t really gain and retain everything you want, at some point in time you have to give up on it. This is the point in loving that you get or SHOULD rationalize (in my opinion).

What should I propose then as a solution? In investment the common solution to this dilemma is diversification. This is where you try to mitigate the ill effects of your probable bad decisions. (I’ll probably devote another post on this one).

In the end, we all want to be winners in love. But in doing it, we need to still balance out our heart, our mind, our gut feel and our faith with “love”.

The game of love: the rebound and the rebounder

We used to say that love is so mysterious and inexplicable. Well, yes it is an enigma! But how do we take on this kind of thing? Like I would always tell to my friends, just play it like a game. Set rules, set parameters, and just enjoy the whole thing. But there is this particular aspect of it that I would say is really controversial. This is a relationship where either of the two just broke up and the other one is so in dire need of someone. I call them the classic case of rebounder and the rebound.

Let us do the basics first, some elementary-love 101. The Rebounder is someone who just broke up with his boy/girlfriend who is seeking comfort from an opposite sex. This is a person who is day in and day out thinks of his/her subject of affection. This person is most likely does not realize that their relationship is falling apart. On the other hand, the rebound is a person who is most of the time single. A person who believes that Mr/Ms right will come to rescue him/her from loneliness. This person is usually someone close to the rebounder. It is most often than not the crying shoulder of the rebounder when things went from bad to worse. And finally, this is the person who keeps a secret altar of the rebounder in his/her room (my exaggerated way of describing a secret crush).

But the question is who plays the victim and the culprit in this scenario? I would say that the victim is the one who is more vulnerable while the culprit is someone who keeps on taking advantage.

The Rebound is always at the losing end of this kind of relationship. This person will most likely end up crying and cursing when things go back to normal for the rebounder. Let us take into account that this person is giving so much time and attention to the rebounder hoping that it will blossom to something romantic. Well, we can’t say that mr/ms. Rebound is a hypocrite for expecting so much. We can’t blame the person especially if the rebounder will call you at the middle of the night, if the rebounder always insist to see you, if the rebounder is keeping you away from your friends and trying to as if own you and your time.
Is there anything wrong in this set up? Is there anything wrong being so nice? Well it is complete bull crap! You can’t be the mother Theresa for the spoiled brat Rebounders who is selfish and insensitive!

What then will be my advice for possible rebounds? Number one rule if you want to get into this kind of bloody hell set-up, then you should be ready for a higher probability of being left behind. But I guess you don’t deserve to be left behind, so better yet set limits to how much will you allow the rebounder to occupy from your personal space. But if you are willing to play this game and play it like a pro, you should know how to mitigate the risk of pain! The absolute rule here is to never fall in love first with the Rebounder. If you fell in love first before the rebounder, then you automatically waved you right to play this damn game.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

UST: Guide for the food lovers (part 1)

A good way of coping up with stress is to find something that will make you feel good. And during college my comfort food is ice cream. When I am upset, get low grades, wasn’t able to give the answer to a recitation and cramming papers, I always eat ice cream and sundae at Mcdo & Jolibee. Food is my coping mechanism to stress. I am a self confessed Stress eater. On the other hand, when I am happy and in a mood for a celebration, I also eat! Eating as a treat or coping mechanism has become a daily part of my college life. You just can’t blame me. Streets around UST are haven for food lovers. You will have a wide array of Carinderias to choose from, with their own specialties that will tickle our taste buds.

Here are my favorites that are a must see for a food lover. I took the liberty to rate them as well with 5 as the highest.

1. Almers- You are not a Thomasian if you have not heard or tried this place. They are well known for their Sisig. You would just love to order extra rice together with their Sisig topped with egg. This place is also known for their “unlimited gravy”. Funny though that they will always give you a gravy even if it does not matched your food.

Food- 3.5
Place- 2.5
Location: at the back of Perpetual Help College
Price Range: 60 to 80

2. Kapitolyo- This is just relatively new in the business. But I must say that it certainly made an impact to the costumers especially located in one of the busiest streets in UST. Their Chicken Inasal is a must try from their vast menu. Although it is not as viral like others, it certainly made loyal customers (just like me). They serve big thigh parts that was cooked just enough to satisfy an average pallet. I must say that it closely taste like the big franchised restaurants. You can also order munchkins from the adjacent store where it will be delivered to you.

Food- 4
Location: Along Asturias
Price Range: 55 to 80

3. Lovelite- This is probably one of the oldest and most popular Carenderia along Asturias. It has been there for like decades. It has been serving to students who are cramming for a paper or report and for students who are always in a hurry. They are well known for their Footlong with rice plus gravy and burgers. They continue to expand their menu and their store. They already include others from their menu and add tables to the exterior part together with its Xerox machines.

Location: Along Asturias
Price Range: 40 to 60

4. Mang Toots- Another place that SHOULD be visited by everyone. This place is owned by Mang toots who is a Big man that will greet you gleefully and ask you your order in the counter. His aura is just so inviting. Well what I always look forward here is its special Bananarama. This is a banana wrapped in molo then deepfried and glazed with brown sugar and syrup and rhum. I would just sometimes want to skip the main course and just devour the sweet tasting bananarama. At night, if you see torches along P. Noval, there is no questioning, that’s Mang toots.

Location: Along P. Noval
Price Range: 60 to 80

5. Pards- I chose this place not because of its sentimental value to me but because they just have the best Sinigang in town! Their hot Sinigang just never fails to makes me feel good especially if I have cold. I also love their Pancit Canton though at times it is a litt saucy. And for “dormers” who doesn’t have a tv, then this is one of the few Carinderia where you can watch.

Location: Along P. Noval besides Beato Building
Price Range: 60 to 100

Saturday, August 21, 2010

From the Street to Hit

Ever heard about the words flip-top? Well I didn’t bother to Google it at first. Then one night I heard someone playing this weird-odd-bizarre video. People gathered like they are up for a big treat. I thought it is some sort of UFC battle or another “Don’t back down” and “Fight Club” scenes. Well, it turned out to be something else. The two person weren’t really in contact, no bruises and blood. So why are people look so intense and hooting so loud?

Then the battle begins. They weren’t exactly wearing any battle gears. It is more like exchange of words. I must say that their seemingly impromptu-rhythmical-wistful exchanges somehow stirred an interest in me. So I took some time to Google for it and even see some videos in YouTube.

Well I learned that flip top is a battle known as the First Filipino Rap Battle League. So I guess that explains everything. But my inquisitive mind somehow didn’t end there. I try to look at it on a different light.

I guess this is the way of institutionalizing a rap society in the Philippines. Well, we can say that this may somehow placed the freestyle rapping into the mainstream. At first I thought that this form of entertainment is just “bal-bal” and another perversion to the Filipino discourse. Well, I can’t help myself from linking this activity to drugs, violence, delinquency and illiteracy. Well at least, that is how the media portrayed it. But with what I’ve seen so far, it’s quite far from the usual stereotype on them. They are no longer in the streets; they aren’t exactly playing with guns and daggers; and the people around them don’t look like illiterate. Plus, you could pick your side as well from the rosters of peculiar street-like gang names like Skwaterhaws Mongol Unit.

Although I give props on how they turned things into something less brutish image of freestyle rapping, I’m still taken aback on how inane the exchanges are. Well we can’t expect any depth in it. So it might be fun listening to them. It is cool to laugh with all the bashing and trash talking. But I think there is nothing more to it. It is just another way of amusing and entertaining ourselves.

From College to MR

Well I guess I’m really part of the Labor force. It took me 4 months to realize that I can no longer be the carefree little boy. I seriously miss those days that I sleep late for a DVD marathon and wake up really late. Then meet up with friends and just worry about where to have lunch and where to spend the long breaks between classes. Now, I guess I can’t be that rascal who just bail out in classes and do anything I want. Now, I don’t have that much free time to stay up late just having that long conversation on pretty much everything. I miss those days that people are just a call or text away to do anything we want. Dinner at Carpark, Nitz, Pards (Sinigangan), Almers, Noval street BBQ, Copy Shop, Siomai House, etc. Watch at the movie house. Coffee at Starbucks, Dezaato and Ministop.

But I guess what I miss the most are those days spent on preparing for school activities, events and tournaments. And the people I’ve spent these days with.

Now, it is completely different. I have to wake up really early to avoid rush hour. Then I need to catch that FX. When I wake up, what I use to worry is my quiz and homework which I can definitely postponed for a moment and just worries about what to eat for breakfast. Now, it is breakfast coupled with worries on the data, their bases, their significance, and pretty much every detail about it. It is not as simple as problems given in schools like derivatives, econometrics, and alpha-delta-phi in the equations in finance. Now, it is all about the demands of the clients you have to immediately address. Now I also have to spend my nights working.

I guess this is the time when we all realize that we have to be responsible. This is when I realize what the real essence of meritocracy is in the real world. We probably spent most of our times in the comfort zones (with friends, with the school, with our bedroom, with our usual carinderia, etc.). Now, we just have to deal with almost everything.

But the most important realization I will probably ponder for a long time is something that everyone might be able to relate with. The pay checks, the salary, the bills!!! I must admit that the entry level salary for most of us is above the minimum pay. NOW, trying to picture living independently from your parents (financial support), this might not be enough. Wage rate here in Manila is easily overwhelmed by the wages in other countries. No doubt that we have a lot of OFWs. No wonder that savings is a myth for minimum wage earners. No matter how we tell and educate the people to change their mind set on savings, it barely makes a scratch given the situation. This is the bitter reality of being an employee. That is why no matter how we dare to dream of being entrepreneurs, it will be impossible. NOW, I can’t blame Marxist movements. I can clearly remember back in Macroeconomics that increasing wages can somehow be in a gray area. This may either make employees happy while profiteers are dismayed or make a backlash in the economy. Will there be any possible solution for this dilemma? Well, I guess for impatient people like me, this may probably take like a lifetime. But for optimists they probably tell you that it may take some time, and we just have to wait. But haven’t we waited for so long?

Now, after all these changes, I have to ask myself. Am I enjoying Market Research?
Well I cannot be certain. Maybe I enjoy MR. I enjoy the everyday learning. I enjoy summarizing the data. I enjoy the company of my newly found friends. I enjoy eating at my cubicle. I enjoy the round table. I enjoy talking to DP and field. Yet a part of me still left me wonders why I am doing this.

For now I guess, I’ll try a bit harder to wake up early. I’ll try to be more over compulsive/detail freak with the data. I’ll try to be consistent just like how consistently I play my I pod playlist of Jayson Mraz on my way to work. Well, this is the time I wish I am a real stoic to worry less about evaluation. Bryan the stoic, where are you?