Saturday, May 28, 2011

Part 3: The recoil

It is past 7pm when I arrive at the Apartment. I enter the building with so many things going in my head. Who is she? What is her name? Will she remember me? These questions reverberate until I reach the 4th floor. And then I saw my neighbour smiling at me and appear to be saying something. Well, I never really paid much attention to it. I guess he is just asking how my day went. To be frank, I want to reply with a big grin in my face. On the other hand, since I’m trying to be nice, I just smiled back at him but did not say anything to avoid a prolonged conversation.

I search for my keys to open the door of my unit. As I open the door, my room is pretty much the same. It is dark, almost pitch black. It is bare, for I prefer to have a big space and less furniture. Despite the almost barrenness of my place, I make sure that it is clean.

I turn-on the lights and proceed to the kitchenette. I open the refrigerator and scavenge for whatever leftover I had from the pizza I ordered last night. I also took a beer can just to booze off all the questions I had in mind.

After eating I undress and headed to the shower for a hot bath. I opened the shower and just feel the pressure and warmth of the hot water. I closed my eyes and then think of my random encounter with my crush. I just can’t help it. Her beautiful face sticks to my mind.

It is past 10pm already and I am still thinking of her. I wonder if she thinks of me too or at least wonder what my name is. So I decided to get off the bed took my Marlboro and headed towards the ground floor.

I took my first stick while observing my surrounding. As I consume my first stick of the night, I watched this building construction at the other side of the street. They are just welding the metal framework of the building.

After finishing my first stick I decided to take a second stick. Just as I am lighting up my cigarette, I saw a vintage Mercedes struggling to park in-front of the building. The driver seems to be not in tune with the car. He struggled and often gets his engine cut off when trying to stir the wheel to the other side. Finally, after many minutes the driver parked the car and I finished my second stick. I decided that it is time to sleep already.

I went back to my room, locked the door, placed a timer in the air-con, and took off my pants. As I lay on my bed, I finally rest my case on her. It is just something random, coincidental, and I just have to sleep this shit over.

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