Friday, May 6, 2011

Part 1: The Cafe

It was an exhausting day; another manic Monday rush. It was one of those days of the week that we wish we never have to go through. But alas! It is almost over.

Tic-tac... Tic-tac... I am literally counting every second until it reach 5pm. The minutes that passed by seems longer than the usual. And I anxiously and irritably waited.

My eyes are glued at the clock. But then, I gather my thoughts again and try to check my bag if I forgotten any of my things. I pulled each drawer to make sure nothing is left. I pile each folder and paper neatly on my desk. It was more like a habit- to make everything look organized.

Finally, it is time to go home. I made my final inspection on my desk just like a detective looking for any signs on the chaos that transpired early that day. As usual, I bade my colleagues the usual clichĂ©. Goodbye. See you tomorrow. Take Care. But it depends. If I’m in a mood and chatty, I’d probably say something else like Ohh… You got a really nice tie, Ohh… Nice Bag, Where are you heading… But today is not that day to chat while taking the lift to the ground floor.

As soon as the lift reached the ground floor and opened its doors, I rushed towards the exit. Then, as I jumped outside, I stood still trying to remember where I am heading at. I am clueless. Why am I really on a hurry? So I just decided to go with where the majority is headed for.

Then I saw this coffee shop while crossing the street. So I think, maybe I need to take some caffeine into my system before heading somewhere I am really not sure of. I entered the Café. I ordered the usual Brewed coffee and a cinnamon. I sat by the window watching the rushing pedestrians running for the buses at the pick-up points.

Every time I drink coffee, it is as if I went to a Trans. There is as if a barrier that is covering me and leave me deep into my thought while staring blankly at the walkway. But, this day someone dared enter my sacred moment alone. At first I don’t really paid much attention. Then the soft whisper turned to a bitter slightly hard toned question. Mister, is this sit taken?!

Obviously both of us are pissed off; I stopped my fascination of the rushing hordes and turned my head towards the direction of what is ruining my afternoon siesta. We met face-to-face probably both making a forced smile. And to my surprise, she is the girl I used to take the elevator with. She is the girl from the 25th floor that I had a crush. And I thought to myself, this day is beginning to shape to something interesting.

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