Saturday, May 28, 2011

Part 2: Random Encounter

As I faced towards her direction, I noticed that she cut her hair. She looks quite different; nevertheless, she is still stunning. At that moment I immediately offer her the seat, hoping that the little incident would be forgotten.

It was really awkward for both of us. I wanted to open my mouth just to start a conversation. But my throat feels so dry and I can barely mumble a word. My hands are sweating and apparently my face is turning slightly reddish. Oh my holy shit, I am blushing- I told myself. Indeed I am.

I finally made up my mind; I will be the one to start a conversation. So I took a sip of my coffee to quench the dryness of my mouth and throat. Darn! That was hot! I almost forgot that I like to drink my coffee when it is no longer hot.

But at the moment I am opening my mouth she just took the lead and asked me, So what were you thinking? You seem so preoccupied with something.

I then responded that Nothing… I am just killing some time before going back to the apartment.

I wanted to throw her a couple of questions too, but she just keeps asking me random questions. I don’t know if she is just bored that is why she is doing this or is just plain talkative. But then I don’t care if she keeps talking since I am spellbound by her beauty.

The conversation that started out of nothing seems to be getting longer. Her stories of herself were really fascinating. I find everything about her adorable. She basically talked about all the random experiences she had. And all I can say to myself is, just keep talking keep telling me weird stories.

But as we slowly getting comfortable, someone just barged in. Her friend just came to pick her to go see a movie. She hurriedly picked up her things and then she said goodbye.

And in just a matter of seconds I can no longer see her. She is gone and we never get to exchange numbers, worse is we haven’t formally introduced ourselves. Yes, we talked for almost an hour yet we never care to ask what our names are.

So I thought to myself, probably another random encounter of the day. So deeply disappointed, I just left the café and headed straight back to the apartment.

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