Friday, June 3, 2011

Part 4: Eavesdropping

Past midnight, I am just nearing deep slumber when I heard a loud noise. Damn it! I forgot to change my alarm. I am wide awake now just staring at the ceiling.

If sleeping for me is just as simple as counting sheep in my head, then I would have no problem now. Geez… As an insomniac like me, I could only hope that sooner or later I will get some sleep.

Clueless of what to do, I just listen to the bark of the dogs, the speeding cars along EDSA, the air-con, until I finally feel drowsy. And finally I am dozing off.

I woke up at around 6 in the morning. I prepare my clothes for work. Spread some butter to the freshly toasted bread. Pour on cold milk onto my cereal.
Then after taking a bath and changing into my corporate clothes, I left right away to avoid being late.

Tuesday mornings are not too different from all the working days except for the weekly update presentation to the executives.

Since I am pretty much done with my presentation I decided to take a load off by smoking a stick at the smoking area. The smoking area is just a few feet away from the pantry. While I consume my first stick of the day, I accidentally overheard some colleagues talking about something.

Maybe because I am curious or just simply bored, I made an effort to eavesdrop on their conversation. They are talking about someone, the newly hired Marketing Assistant. They seem excited and eager to meet that person.
So for me, I was like- Fresh meat! Bottom of the corporate food chain…
I am curious of course, but then why should it concern me that much? After all, we don’t belong on the same team.

After all the early morning rituals at the office I went back to my cubicle. That time the HR is already introducing the new hire. Much to my delight, the new hire is Cathy. She is a friend way back in College.

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