Saturday, December 29, 2012

Gone are the dragons, here comes the snakes!

How would I encapsulate my 2012? Maybe I can say that this year, I gained A LOT. Literally I gained 30 pounds or so. But figuratively, I gained a lot of experiences. This year is probably one of the toughest and meaningful years I ever had.

The rapid expansion at work definitely took a toll on me this year. But needless to say, I learned a lot through the process. I might have learned most of those the hard ways, still the learning and maturity is priceless.

Aside from work, I also got admitted to Graduate School. I must admit that I never thought that joining together work and school will be this tough. Yet, as I always say, it gives me the balance I need right now. At work, everything seems to be predetermined and you have little room to explore your creativity. That is why I never felt so free when I am at school. You keep on pushing the limits of your creativity and keep you driven to experiment on new methods in marketing.

This year also came with an affirmation. I realized that a commitment is not yet on my priority. I felt that I still got a lot on my plate. But I really enjoyed putting myself out there and meet some people. For now, I guess that is just it.

I guess amidst this chaos, I am ever thankful for the binding agents that kept my head above water all the time. My friends and family are always there to support my decisions. They are like a council where I seek refuge for advice. And they give the most logical advice there is. Their prayers also helped me a lot. Most importantly, the glue that kept me intact is God. My personal experience with God really put to heavy weights every time I am in trouble. But my faith never wither, instead it shines the brightest. I know that He never left me. He just watches me struggle and succeed like a proud father to his child.

Now with the year of the snakes coming, I felt a bit of jitters but mostly excitement on the opportunities. I know that like the previous year, 2013 will be tough on me. But I am facing it again with my head up high. To 2013, bring it on!

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