Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Justice on the perspective of a lunatic

After watching death note I was left deep into my thoughts…

Light is a person with a great sense of justice. He even knows the system inside and out. And he has a strong sense of what is right and wrong. Who would actually think that a person like this can be so vulnerable and atrocious in his means?
I think there is really nothing wrong on having a strong sense of justice, it is actually important on the preservation and promulgation of law and order in society. The only problem is when a person acted upon his own concept of justice and emulate it in such ways he perceive to be correct.

May be, something just snapped and he is now on the making of a psychopath. Sometimes we can’t blame them since he just acted upon stimulus of events. In some cases these are brutish, inhumane, undignified series of events that pushed a person at a brink.

Seeing this, he felt that the justice he dreamt and believed in are simply ideas that were being sowed in the thoughts of everyone to hide the fact of a corrupt system. At this point that person already loses his trust on the system but still holds on his concept of justice.

A person like this may say that it is just to kill criminals, it is right to steal from the corrupt rich families, it is right to kill barbaric tribes. But putting justice on your own hands is not in any form justifiable. We must admit that the law is not perfect, because it is made by people who are fallible as well. That is why we can repeal, revise, re-enact, or abolish and create new set of laws or rules. The fact of the matter is, for something to be called justifiable, it should be agreed upon. For something to be acceptable it has to be on moral grounds. But this one is still in the gray area, and that is why different ideologies will arise on trying to explain this such as strain theory, just war theory, fundamentalism, Extremism, Civil disobedience, etc.

Human behavior sometimes is unfathomable when it is subjected to a stimulus or strain. We can sometimes crack up and snap when something we strongly believe in is destroyed.

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