Sunday, September 12, 2010

Market Share of Brain and Heart in the Competitive Market of Love

If love is a market and there are two competing firms (Brains and the Heart), which should you listen to? Should you patronize one over the other or try a bit of what the two can offer? I guess the heart has higher market penetration for majority of those in love. These are the kind of people who easily gives in to what they see, or in this case, I’ll call them the Impulsive Consumers of love. They can easily be lured by the packaging of their subject of attention. They don’t need second guessing over their feelings; they just act on it. I will say that they are neither ignorant nor imbecile; it’s just so happen that they developed some sort of Brand affinity or loyalty over “heart”. We can’t blame them for that; the feeling sometimes of love is overpowering and overwhelming.

On the other hand, we have the Rational Consumers of love. You would seldom encounter people in love that uses their brains. They are the rare kind of consumers. Before they try on something, they will read the label or in this case the character of their partner. They probably aren’t the spontaneous type. May be they will have Quadrant Analysis and the “R-SWOT” (Relationship’s Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threats)- just an exaggeration…

Is there anything wrong if one has a bigger market share in terms of love? One way or another, we have to use both of them equally. Using too much of any of the two is proven harmful for a relationship. Over thinking may sometimes forget the most basic about love which is to feel. In contrary, using too much heart may blind you of the greater importance and essence of your relationship which is to rationalize.

My claim of having a balance is somehow contrary to popular beliefs that heart and brain’s interests are contradicting one another. But, I would humbly say no. Just like two competing firms, their common and shared interest is to have higher profit which will make them “happy” or “satisfied”. In retrospect, happiness is also the greatest driver in a relationship. In solving this dilemma, we can refer to basic business practice of merging the two firms.

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