Sunday, September 19, 2010

Friendly Love

A friend is someone who stays with us in times of fun and definitely in times of sorrow. We sometimes share with them moments that define who we are. But can this relationship be more than what it seems to be?

We always see ourselves falling in love to a person who understands us, stays with us, and take care of us. This is that same description that a true friend means. And this blurs the line of friendship and lovers. This brings me the question:

Can friends be lovers?

I say, why not? I even fell captive to this very same euphoric idea of love. It is like hitting a double jackpot on a lottery; having a lover and at the same time a friend. But it is not easy as it looks, as for my own story did not end well.
A friend falling in love is probably one of the most complicated things we will ever get caught up with.

But how does this develop? Well, it always started to something usual. May be he/she is your classmate, your org-mate, neighbor, and co-worker. You spent a lot of time together. You talk about each other’s life. You share food. You might even share about each other’s love life stories. Then unnoticeably you get closer and closer with each other. You as if can’t live a day without seeing him/her. Then you always wanted exclusivity and have time together away from the rest of your friends. And yes, this is when weird things happen.

He gets sweeter, like carry your things for you. Always ask you on phone if you have eaten yet then followed by an invitation to have lunch or dinner together. You will always receive text messages telling you good night and get some rest. Always wants to get updated on your life then show a grim face whenever you tell about your ex or crush. Generally, these are the common behaviors that a man exhibits when he fall in love to his friend.

On the part of the women, sometimes they can’t help to fall in love to her friend who seem to be sweet and a total gentleman. We can’t blame them for assuming that this guy is somehow trying to impress her especially if of all the girls in the group, she is the one being shown with this behavior.

I myself sometimes don’t recognize whether what we are having is the usual “a friend bonding” or already a mutual understanding. We can’t be certain on this unless we try to ask… The more important question therefore is, are you courageous enough to ask the question: “Who am I for you?”

Sometimes it ends well and sometimes it ends like crap.
Sometimes, the person being confronted is:
a. Totally not into you. (not a chance at all)
b. Have unsorted feelings for you. (still have a chance- wait and be consistent)
c. Conflicted about you and his/her current relationship. (a complicated one)
d. Just wanted to be friends (totally forget about the friendship..- IT WILL NEVER BE THE SAME)

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  1. kung may titindi sa salitang i hate you. hahahaha.. okay ka naaaaaaaaaa! hahaha. :)

    obviously i can relate. i have lots of examples for the sweet stuff that guys do. haha.